The Avengers Are Ready to Assemble Once Again!


Black Panther

It's been ten years since Robert Downey Jr. first streaked across the silver screen and proclaimed to the world, once and for all, that he IS Iron Man. In that time the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken us in a number of incredible directions - from the outer space cosmic adventures of the Guardians of the Galaxy to the intimate, real-world excitement of "Spider-man: Homecoming" and absolutely everything in between. Now, the biggest franchise in the history of cinema is poised to do it all over again when "Avengers: Infinity War" debuts in theatres around the world on April 25, 2018.

Ever since Joss Whedon's first "Avengers" film in 2012, the MCU has had something of a Thanos problem on its hands. The cosmic conqueror would love nothing more than to "court death" - and if he's got to wipe out half of the universe with a snap of his fingers, he's going to do it. Nearly all of the Infinity Gems are finally in his possession and the battle for the very fabric of reality is about to begin... and now, thanks to Australian Toy Distributors, you can stock the latest range of Avengers toys.

Avengers Assemble!


With the  Marvel Avengers B Characters Titan Hero Figures Assortment, for example, you can bring home stunning recreations of all of your favourite heroes - like Black Panther, star of a film that is still tearing up record after record at the box office around the world. Or if kids don't want to play WITH their favourite Marvel heroes, they can play AS them - using toys like the Marvel Avengers Role Play Mask Assortment. With screen accurate replicas of masks like Thor's helmet as seen in "Avengers: Age of Ultron," Thanos and his minions won’t know what’s hit them!

There are also a wide variety of toys featuring villains like the dastardly Loki, most recently seen in the sensation "Thor: Ragnarok." Sure, everyone wants to play as  Captain America or Black Widow... but the Avengers DO need someone to fight or they really wouldn't be that good at the whole "Avenging" thing they've built their brand around.

A suit for all occasions

Do you have a particular style of Iron Man armour that you like more than the rest? You can even find toys that feature the various "Mark" suits that he's worn across all of his adventures over the last decade! From the Mark I to his armour from the upcoming "Infinity War" and its untitled sequel to absolutely everything in between!

No matter how big the threat is to our planet or the universe around us, the Avengers are here to protect us all and fight for justice. Now, thanks to  Marvel, Hasbro and these incredible toys from Australian Toy Distributors, you can stock the greatest range of toys in the MCU to suit children of all ages.

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